A workshop on how to engage with, understand and help clients that have experienced complex trauma and complex PTSD.
Date(s) 27th July 2019
Start time 9:00 am
End time 4:00 pm
Region South east
Cost £95 - lunch included
Website www.futurefocustoday.co.uk
Email [email protected]


About this training

We are delighted to have secured Christiane Sanderson to deliver her highly relevant and informative workshop to those working, or involved with this challenging and complex issue.

‚ÄčThis one day workshop will explore the range of trauma experiences and distinguish between the current conceptualisation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), subtype PTSD with prominent dissociative symptoms and complex PTSD and the clinical challenges inherent in assessment including misdiagnosis and co-morbidity.

Emphasis will be placed on the role of dissociation in complex trauma and how this gives rise to a number of dissociative disorders and somatic symptom related disorders. In addition, it will examine the nature of shame and traumatic bonding and how the trauma bond impacts on the developing sense of self and relational worth. The focus will be on understanding the nature and dynamics of complex trauma and how this impacts on the individual. The challenges of assessing for complex trauma will be highlighted alongside how to develop a collaborative case formulation.

Venue address

Brompton Academy
Marlborough Road

To book this event, please follow the above website link to the Future Focus Today website.

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