An essential introductory experiential workshop for any counsellor or therapist working with clients with emotional and/or physical health problems.
Start time 9:30 pm
End time 4:00 pm
Region Midlands
Cost £100 - Concessions may be available, please ask
Email [email protected]


About this training

People with common emotional and physical health problems like anxiety, depression, stroke, head injury or multiple sclerosis, frequently experience cognitive difficulties. This workshop introduces neuropsychological processes and ways of working with cognitive impairments. It will:

  • raise your awareness of basic brain architecture
  • introduce you to key cognitive domains (eg attention, memory, executive functioning)
  • discuss how common cognitive difficulties affect relationships, including with the therapist
  • explore how cognitive impairments affect and limit coping strategies in day to day living
  • explore strategies and tools that can help improve everyday function in people with cognitive problems and increase engagement with therapy

This event will be followed by seminars/workshops on neuropsychological aspects of developmental trauma, the limbic system, dementias, stroke and acquired brain injury.

Venue address

The Coach House
1a Filey Street
S10 2FF

Who are we?

Dr Emma Taylor is an independent Clinical Psychologist and qualified CAT therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. She has worked in NHS hospital and community settings with adults with mental health problems, acquired brain injury, dementia and other neurological diseases. Emma was a lecturer for Guy’s Medical School, the Open University and has taught on Doctoral Clinical Psychology Courses.

Dr. Pete Walpole is a Clinical Neuropsychologist working in a regional NHS Clinical Neuropsychology Department. He has a psychodynamic training, a post-doctoral Diploma in Adult Clinical Neuropsychology and the British Psychological Society’s Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology. He teaches regularly on doctorate Clinical Psychology courses and elsewhere in the NHS. He specialises in neuropsychological differential diagnosis, particularly of dementias and with people presenting with cognitive difficulties with no clear aetiology.

How to book

For queries and booking form please contact [email protected]

Model of the brain

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