This is a one day workshop, bringing Relate supervisors together to update knowledge and share experiences.
Date(s) 7th October 2019
Start time 10:00 am
End time 4:00 pm
Region South east
Cost £25.00
Email [email protected]


About this training

This one-day workshop is aimed to bring Relate Supervisors together and support them by:

  • Updating knowledge on current supervision models and theory (including systemic models/ feedback-based)
  • Examining what we mean by counselling, coaching, mentoring and line management: exploring boundary and referral issues
  • Considering which supervision models work in practice: which models are effective in specific settings and whether Supervisors are developing their own models
  • Considering common ethical dilemmas, including boundaries and managing the Supervisee in the supervision session (using case studies)

The session will be run between Relate Cambridge and Marvellous Minds Ltd to bring together professional Supervisors from both counselling and coaching disciplines. The reason for this is to provide challenge, innovation and a wider set of experiences which promote critical analysis of current practice, and to encourage ongoing reflective practice for Supervisors.

Bev Morris is Managing Director of Marvellous Minds Ltd and leads successful consultancy and training teams working in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Her focus is working with people to establish effective relationships, at work and home, using creative and challenging techniques that suit the specific needs of each individual. Bev has been working with Relate to deliver CPD opportunities to professionals and volunteers using counselling skills in their work.

As well as teaching and assessing on Level 5 leadership, counselling and coaching qualifications, Bev writes on-line training programmes for the voluntary sector to enable people to engage with learning if they cannot attend formal courses. Bev is passionate about inclusivity and encouraging people to achieve their full potential and she uses creativity and mindfulness to support everyone to be the best they can be in whatever they choose to do. She believes this is the basis for all successful relationships.

Booking: To book this event, please follow the above link to the Relate Cambridge website or email [email protected]

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