Date(s) 11th January 2020
Start time 9:30 am
End time 4:30 pm
Region Midlands
Cost £65
Email [email protected]


About this training

Shame is like a virus that infects the soul and yet remains largely hidden. Shame regulates social behaviour and it is often shrouded in secrecy and silence. It can be the single biggest hindrance to making progress in therapy, recovering from trauma, building positive relationships, and moving forwards with life.

The aim of this workshop is to enable professionals to explore more creative ways of working with clients to help them to break free from the silence and secrecy that surrounds shame as well as building resilience to it through authentic pride.

This professional’s workshop will:

• provide an opportunity to develop and enhance existing therapeutic skills
• enable you to facilitate right brain engagement through a range of creative techniques and exercises
• enable you to uncover your client’s shame

This will be achieved by experiential exercises including:

• creating a web of shame
• developing a circle of shame
• the use of masks to cover up shame
• making shame genograms to identify the intergenerational transmission of shame
• the embodiment of shame
• working with nesting dolls

There will also be a focus on uncovering your own shame in order to facilitate working with clients who are drenched in shame. In emphasising that the best antidote to shame is to talk about it, practitioners will be able to help clients build resilience and restore authentic pride.

Venue address:

Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire

How to book:

To book this event, please email [email protected]

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