In this workshop, Professor Windy Dryden will discuss the nature, principles and practice of single-session and one-at-a-time therapy.
Date(s) 1st October 2019
Start time 11:00 am
End time 5:30 pm
Region North west
Cost £85.00
Email [email protected]


About this training

While Carl Rogers discussed the importance of the ‘core conditions’ in counselling and therapy, clients often claim that what is also therapeutic is being seen at the point of their need rather than at the point of service availability. In this workshop, Professor Windy Dryden will discuss the nature, principles and practice of single-session and one-at-a-time therapy that has been developed to provide a response to that need and to reflect the fact that the most frequent number of sessions that clients have internationally is ‘1’.

Professor Windy Dryden will make the point that single-session and one-at-a-time work is best viewed as a mindset rather than as an approach and will stress that SST/OAAT can be practiced by therapists using their preferred orientation. Professor Windy Dryden will, through live demonstrations, his approach to this way of working with volunteers from the audience who seek help for current issues that they are prepared to discuss in front of an audience of their peers.

CPD Outcomes

6 Hours CPD Certificate
Foundations of SST/OAAT
Nature of SST/OAAT
Assumptions of SST / OAAT
Facilitative Condition of SST /OAAT
Live Demonstration of SST/OAAT
All attendees will be provided with a copy of the workshop PowerPoint

About Windy Dryden

Windy Dryden is Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He has authored or edited more than 225 books. His current interests are in single-session and very brief interventions within a therapy and coaching context. Relevant publications include: ‘When Time is at a Premium’ (Rationality Publications, 2016), ‘Single Session Integrated CBT: Distinctive Features’ (Routledge, 2017) and ‘Very Brief Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching’ (Routledge, 2017). His book, ‘Very Brief Therapeutic Conversations’ (Routledge, 2018) is focused on the work that he has done conducting live demonstrations of therapy/coaching in front of an audience that last 30 minutes or less. He has done more than 300 such demonstrations all over the world.

Venue address

The Quaker Meeting House,  22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

*Attendees will also receive a copy of Windy Dryden, Ph.D. recent publication: Single Session Therapy (SST) and One-At-A-Time (OAAT) Therapy: Help at the Point of Need – 2019

How to book

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