The introductory course is the first of five Focusing levels which form the British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills.
Date(s) 21st and 28th January, 4th and 11th February 2020
Start time 10:00 am
End time 1:00 pm
Region Online
Cost £200
Email [email protected]


About this training

This 4 part workshop is ONLINE so you will have NO TRAVEL & NO ACCOMMODATION costs to add to your CPD cost.

Focusing is a gentle way of paying ourselves attention and deepening self-awareness. It trusts that our body knows and can tell us what we need for physical and emotional health. We might experience a vague bodily felt-sense rather than a clear message.

The introduction will show you how to recognise the felt sense, and to be with it in a way that allows insights and meanings to emerge. You will also learn about self-in-presence and how you can be in relationship with strong and difficult feelings without becoming overwhelmed. There will be opportunities to share in the group, and to work with your own process.

Participants will be introduced to the roles of Focuser and Companion, including how to empower yourself in both positions. There will be Focusing practice and you will be encouraged to Focus in pairs between meetings. This will give you an experience of participating in a Focusing partnership.

Workshop structure

There will be a combination of theory, group discussion, exercises and Focusing practice. The course is divided into four sessions, each with a particular theme as follows:

Part 1

Sensing inwards and noticing messages that your body gives you is at the basis of Focusing. We will work with the felt-sense and the ideas of Gene Gendlin.

Part 2

Being self-in-presence and the work of Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin.

Part 3

An introduction to understanding and working with trauma, including the concept of partial selves.​

Part 4

An introduction to Whole body Focusing which has been developed by Kevin McEvenue.

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To book this event, follow the above link to the Onlinevents website.

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