Date(s) 4th July 2020
Start time 10:00 am
End time 4:00 pm
Region South west
Cost External qualified therapist - £110. Groups of three or more - £95 per delegate. GCS staff - £70. Counsellors & therapists in training/volunteer in a listening role -£60 (Confirmation of trainee status is required upon booking)
Email [email protected]


About this training

Are there different stories to tell about men and therapy, a man as a therapist and a man as a client? Why do men become therapists and why do they become clients? Are their patterns, aims and goals different from those of women and, if so, have we really recognised this in how we think about and organise our clinical work?

Or, just as so many aspects of culture take the male as the norm, could it be that for contemporary therapy it is the female model that prevails? Perceptions of men are deeply split in Western-style cultures. There are the idealised, sanitised and non-threatening versions used in advertising, in which the man is cuddly and boyish.

But there are also a whole series of moral panics in which all men (not just some) get seen as rapists, abusers and emotionally inexpressive. These cultural and public themes find their way into the intimate therapy space.

What will it cover?

Andrew Samuels will explore three pervasive topics which are also of general interest because of the heat they generate:

  • The role of the father;
  • The issue of promiscuity;
  • Sexual misconduct on the part of male psychotherapists and counsellors. 

Who is this training for?

Psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, teachers, and the informed general public.
NB. This Masterclass is open to all genders.


Andrew Samuels has, for almost 40 years, been evolving a unique clinical blend of post-Jungian, relational psychoanalytic, and humanistic approaches to therapy work. He is recognised internationally as one of the leading commentators from a psychotherapeutic perspective on political and social problems. His work on the father, masculinity, sexuality, spirituality and countertransference has also been widely appreciated.

He is a past chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, a co-founder of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and also of the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is Professor of Analytical Psychology at Essex and holds visiting chairs at New York, London Macau and Roehampton Universities. Andrew’s many books have been translated into 19 languages, the most recent being A New Therapy for Politics? Andrew is well-known for his engaging and participatory style as a workshop leader and lecturer. A selection of videos may be found on

Venue address

GCS, Alma House, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1AP (Situated above Costa Coffee Shop)


To book this event, please follow the above link to the Gloucestershire Counselling Service website or email Isabel Lewis [email protected] or call 01453 766310

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