This three hour online workshop on is suitable for all qualified therapists and counsellors.
Date 23 March 2019
Start time 12:00 pm
End time 3:00 pm
Region Online
Cost £55
Email [email protected]


About this training

This three hour online workshop is suitable for all qualified therapists and counsellors, and not just those who want to specialise in this field.

Chronic illnesses and cancer are on the increase and affect our mental health, yet they are rarely covered in clinical training. They have physical and mental manifestations. Whether you specialise on this area, or not, sooner or later you may find yourself working with clients who are affected by such illnesses.

We will look specifically at:

- The emotional impact of chronic illnesses and cancer through different phases (diagnosis, treatment, remission, return, advanced, terminal)
- The emotional impact on those close to people diagnosed with chronic illness (family, friends)
- Important in / sensitive vocabulary
- Appropriate therapeutic / counselling support (what to expect, suitability of interventions, practical considerations)
- Self care for practitioners

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