This training day will inspire you, help you simplify your marketing and give you practical strategies to attract more clients.
Date(s) 27th September 2019
Start time 10:00 am
End time 5:30 pm
Region London
Cost £120
Email [email protected]


About this training

Do you need more clients, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting advice available? Or you’re worried about being visible?

Well, we’re here to inspire you, simplify your marketing, and give you practical strategies to attract more clients.

This is a day to connect and learn – and discover how you can keep things simple, no more overwhelm.

You’ll take part in 3 separate small group workshops:

  • Mindset
  • Content
  • Social Media

The three sessions work together to bring you some powerful training to reduce fear and anxiety, produce content to get you noticed and make sure as many people see you as possible. The day will start and end with a plenary session facilitated by John Wilson of Onlinevents

About the 3 workshops

Find your Courage and Confidence with Private Practice Angel Josephine Hughes.

Do you want to take action to grow your private practice but find you doubt yourself and procrastinate? Are you worried about getting it wrong, making a fool of yourself, or that you have nothing to say? You look around you and notice all the other therapists doing well and you can’t imagine you’ll ever be in the same position. In this workshop we’ll identify the thoughts that hold you back and that stop you from marketing your business. We’ll discuss imposter syndrome, the fear of being visible, and the effects of social comparison.

Grow your practice by helping instead of selling with Private Practice Angel Jane Travis

If you’re new to private practice, an introvert or struggling with imposter syndrome then this workshop is for you. Content marketing is all about helping people, sharing and connecting. Sharing helpful information with your clients means you’ll start building a trusting relationship with them, which means more clients and referrals. In this workshop, we’ll look at what content is, how you can produce it simply and attract clients in a way that’s both ethical and not in the slightest bit ‘salesy’! You’ll leave feeling inspired, and have lots of ideas to either get started or up your content game.

How to Promote your Private Practice on Social Media with Private Practice Angel Sandra Wilson

What kind of content is ethical and effective on your social media accounts How to create engaging content to post to your social media accounts How to be visible on Social Media without logging in every day How to create daily content with only 2 hours work per month In this workshop you will create: A photo and uploading to social media (with or without you in it) A video using Sandra’s props (with or without you in it) If you have a smart phone, please bring it along so we can create content during the workshop No smartphone? Bring your laptop. If you are brand new to social media you will be able to pick up some great tips and advice from Sandra and other participants giving you the courage to get started. You will leave the workshop with the knowledge and confidence you need to use social media as an ethical tool in your private practice.

Venue address

Resource For London
356 Holloway Road
N7 6PA

To book, follow the website link for more details or email [email protected]

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