Welcome to Therapy Minded!

Therapy Minded is a new and growing online community – for therapists, by therapists

It’s a place where counsellors and psychotherapists from all perspectives can learn, share experiences and build professional connections.

The idea began while I was thinking about moving into private practice. I was looking for a website that might offer a central hub for UK therapists.

I wanted something:

  • aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists
  • independent from the membership bodies
  • offering blog posts relevant to my work
  • offering jobs or CPD/training days
  • connecting me to other therapists – for support or just a casual conversation about the therapy world

Finding all that within one site was proving impossible! And so Therapy Minded was born.

I hope you’ll find something useful here.

If you’d like to say hello or contribute to our community, then I’d love to hear from you!

All the best,

Leah Clements

Integrative Therapist in Private Practice

[email protected]

Twitter: @Therapy_Minded

Instagram: therapy_minded

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